Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Little Dog Birthday!

Butten thinking about cake!

In case you are not aware, today is designated "Little Dog Birthday". Most of our pups (except Bug) have been rescued. So, we have had only a rough idea of when they were born. But it seemed like Oct. was about right for our first, a pound puppy, Challie (Jellybean Chalfonte..."Jellybean" never really fit) the second, street-wise puppy, Skippy (Skippy Peanut Butter...was retrieved from a four-lane parkway) and then, energetic Butten (found on another busy street that we now refer to as Butten Boulevard). All three whole-heartedly adopted Oct. 1st as their birthday.

Challie, one of their adored Moms, and Skipper
Little Dog Birthday 1997

Butten, as it turns out, was his real "given", misspelled name. His owner had died and her son had just turned him out and didn't care whether or not he came back. I digress.

Anyway, today Butten carries on the tradition
celebrating his 17th birthday!


AA Neith said...

Many more birthdays are wished for all the little ones!

JoeyJo said...

Thanks for stopping by and the well wishes!

Hahn at Home said...

Happy Birthday to Butten!

And, look at one of his moms - what a great picture.

JoeyJo said...

I kinda like that one myself. And her eyes are open!

reeflightning said...

belated birthday wishes button!
better late than never ... huh?
dang! one of his moms looks sorta familiar ...

reeflightning said...

spell check ... Happy Birthday Butten!

JoeyJo said...

Butten says "thanks" and not to worry about the wishes being belated, especially since we are not sure of his birthday. And also not to worry about calling him Button. People do it all the time and he knows he is as cute as one!

About one of his moms, heh.