Monday, October 27, 2008

Breeder's Cup 2008 - Hats Off!



One of two...Zenyatta!

Nothing more be said.

Breeder's Cup Classic. What a race!

Way to go, Raven's Pass and Henrythenavigator!!
And Tiago!!!

Things just didn't work out for my favorite, since Barbaro, Curlin.
Considering everything, I was worried about the Euros and they came through. Truly a classic race.

But, I am looking forward to welcoming Curlin back to Churchill Downs, Kentucky!!!!


Capn Dyke said...

Huzzah t' th'Filly Indeed, JoeyJo! Love th'pic o' th'wee one with th'hat, by th'by.

JoeyJo said...

Hi Cap'n,

Welcome back! Nice having you cruise into this port!!

Capn Dyke said...

Aye, Me Horse Whisperer, Plunder an' Me Self will be hiein' this way often, We assure Ye!