Friday, June 13, 2008

WARNING: Don't Boil Corn Today

When I was a teenager, my grandmother, who lived with us (and was my 2nd mom and mentor), was preparing corn on the cob. You know, boiling water and all that. Can't/cain't even guess how many times in her life that she had done that. But this happened to be Friday the 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Somehow, the pot got tipped and the contents, in full boil, dumped onto her foot.

Have a safe day!


Margo Moon said...

So, just the corn, or would it be good to avoid all tong-related activities today?

JoeyJo said...

All thongs should definitely be avoided.

Hahn at Home said...

That's exactly why I much prefer to burn my fingers and singe my eyebrows on charcoal on the grill when preparing corn on Friday the 13th.

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