Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's a horse race!

Okay, it is a whole bunch of horse races, big ones, too.

Tomorrow is "Oaks Day" at Churchill Downs. That means that the fillies (young female horses) are in the spotlight. Above is one of my favorites, Awesome Chic. I first saw her when she won the Florida Oaks. I bet on her then because she looked so much like my Rex (the young horse in profile photo) and guess what? She won! She is not a favorite, but I believe "she can do it"!!!

Favorite, if Eight Belles goes to the Derby instead of the Oaks, is Proud Spell.

Eight Belles

Proud Spell

However, Country Star is my other choice.

There are a bunch of good horses in the race, did I mention A to the Croft!:

And if you are interested, you can join to bet on the Oaks, as well as the Derby on Saturday and the Woodford Reserve, the big turf race right before the Derby. There is a bit of a dispute going on, so as of now these will be the only races that you can bet on from this site, but that could change. Whether you want to bet or not, all of the races can be viewed live from this site (if you are a member).

Now, for the Derby.

I can't really get a handle on it. So, I think I will stick with Pyro.

Took this photo myself on a not good day for Pyro. I think I will blame it on the track.

But, I like many of the other horses and if time permits, I'll go over them in another post.



Margo Moon said...

I could look at them all the livelong day. Yep.

JoeyJo said...

Yeah, me too. I love to post pretty pictures, especially of horses.

Edaline said...

Keep up the good work.

JoeyJo said...


Thanks! And thanks for stopping by.