Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Birth Of A Blog By A Virgin Blogger

How this blog came about...

I went to The Lesbian Lifestyle to nominate Lori Hahn for Lesbian Blogger of The Year 2007, and where it said 'blog,' I just put "soon to be discovered". Having not put the "http:" stuff at the front of it, I thought it wouldn't show up as an actual blog. However, when I checked the post, my "soon to be discovered" was clickable. I sent a frantic email to my favorite geek, Margo Moon, asking her to set up the framework of the blog as soon as she could. I was afraid my nomination would get cancelled if there wasn't a blog by that name and I didn't want it to shine a bad light on Lori. So, now I am in the blogging business.

Not only that, but I am delighted to learn that I have become part of Cap'n Dyke's crew!

(Word has it she likes virgins, even virgin bloggers)

Enough about me, go nominate Hahn at Home (Lori) at TLL.


Capn Dyke said...

Now, Me JoeyJo, ye know that there has t'be a catalyst t'create in this world an' it be seemin' that Lori be th'one that set ye on th'path o'bloggity. Th' Cap'n will have t'be makin' certain-sure that Me APPM has a lil extra grog in her ration this night for bringin' ye t'Us.

An', Aye, this Pirate Queen does like VBs. Wink.

Aunt Kelly said...

Glad our little contest helped create a brand new lesbian blog!!!

Hahn at Home said...

Welcome to this crazy world. Very welcome indeed.

And, thanks for the vote.

Starr Ann said...

Welcome, JoeyJo. I can't imagine how you'll ever choose which horse you're gonna ride in The Posse. Dang, don't tell Margo I let that slip.

JoeyJo said...

Cap'n, you're right that all the credit, or blame, should rest at Lori's blog.

JoeyJo said...

Aunt Kelly,

I thought you'all might be checking to see if this was real :)
Actually, I'm not so sure myself.

Thanks for stopping by!

JoeyJo said...


I appreciate you gracing my humble blog.

You'll always get my vote.
(Whether you frequent this place or not.)

JoeyJo said...


I ain't lettin' nuthin' slip.
'k not much anyway.
Hay, ya know we are both Libra's?

Hahn at Home said...

Oh, you'se gots to blog now, my friend. You've been pimped.

JoeyJo said...

Hey Lori
Thanks. I think.