Friday, March 12, 2010

Inspiration - Molly the Pony

Be sure to check out the videos at Molly the Pony.


Claripet said...

Oh my goodness! A friend sent me this pony's story...and...well...she is simply amazing! Gives me hope for the future horses out there.

JoeyJo said...

Me too!

Molly, by the way is scheduled to be at the Kentucky Horse Park, April 17, 2010 for the John Henry Memorial Equine Adoption Fair per the the Kentucky Horse Park's release:

Molly the Pony, World Famous Equine Amputee

Molly the Pony, made famous by the CBS News story, was rescued by Kaye and Glenn Harris after Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately, several months later she was attacked by another Katrina rescue going through emotional trauma, a pit bull.

Although her other numerous wounds healed, her leg did not make it. Her rescuer and now owner, Kaye Harris went to bat for Molly, requesting amputation and prosthesis at Louisiana State University.

Successful amputations and prosthetic legs for horses are extremely rare and there were obstacles to overcome, but Molly has adapted well to her new limb and now she visits anyone who could use her quiet wisdom and inspiration. She has impacted and inspired many people of all ages and abilities. A children's book was written about her and her story has traveled around the world.

Molly will be appearing at the John Henry Memorial Equine Adoption Fair, in the New Indoor Arena, to demonstrate the importance of equine rescue and adoption.

The public is invited to meet her! Included with park admission.

11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: New Indoor Arena
Also, visit the event Website for more information at

JoeyJo said...

And now BloodHorse has a thing or two to say about Molly:

Anonymous said...
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