Friday, January 9, 2009

Belated Happy New Year

'nuf said?


Margo Moon said...

Awww, honey. I see you've cleaned up your office. I'm soooo proud!

Wild Flower said...

Lolololol Happy New Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!

Hahn at Home said...

Hey, that's my desk, but that ain't me - who is that imposter?

JoeyJo said...


Thanks. Glad you noticed!
Btw, here's that receipt from 1992 you wanted.

JoeyJo said...

Hay Wildflower!

What's your desk look like?

Hope 2009 is going well for you.

JoeyJo said...


Your desk looks great. Mine is the one in the back.

Don't know who that is. Might be the cleaning lady that Margo sent.
Quick! Let's get her out of here before she looses something!

JoeyJo said...

Looses? Looks like I lassoed up tooo many os.

(Margo, thanks for catching it.)

Margo Moon said...

Gotcher back, baby girl.

I'll tend to the words, you tend to know.