Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Against All Odds

Remember all those movies, tv shows, songs, commercials? You know the ones. You are born free to be whoever you want to be. Go for the gusto. Go for the dream. WARNING: Don't buy into it. Think about it. How many people get what they desire?
You could be President. How many presidents are there? Horse-wise, you could win the Derby. How many Derby winners are there compared to those who have tried?
This society is, and has been, breeding a world of mal-contents. When their dreams, which they were taught to believe in, are dieing they turn to alternatives that numb their loss.
Yes, some achieve the dream. Touch the surface of the moon. But don't forget that this is all at the cost of those who didn't make it.

Open to feedback.


Hahn at Home said...

So, you believe that our society breeds cynicism and in doing so, a state of inertia?

Are dreams really static or are they ever-evolving as we grow and change and learn? I know the dreams I had at 20 bear no resemblance to the life I have now. Nor did I imagine that I could live this life so happily.

Hopefully, this will get some discussion going. Great topic.

JoeyJo said...

Hay Lori:

Looks like just you and me in on this discussion.

No. I did not say cynicism. Disappointment, perhaps. Inertia, your word.

I'm just saying that the bowl of cherries we thought would be ours may turn out to be prunes and it might be helpful to know that from the onset. Nothing against prunes (bearing no resemblance to plums or cherries), of course. They are very purging.